Pilot Locks Self Out

Here’s one to make you feel more comfortable about air travel.

The pilot of an Air Canada Jazz flight left the cockpit to use the men’s room (no doubt checked himself out in the mirror, as we all do…airplane mirrors are so flattering) and then found himself unable to get back into the cockpit. Thankfully, he’d not left the plane on auto-pilot, but in the hands of the First Officer. There was also a flight attendant in the cockpit. (one wonders what they were doing). Anyway, turns out that when the pilot returned, the door was locked and the pilot couldn’t get back in. He knocked and the folks inside tried to help him open the door, but alas, nothing could be done.

Long story short, they had to take the hinges off the door to open it. But the rest of the crew and the passengers no doubt sat and watched with their jaws open. But, yes, the plane was landed and all was right with the world.