Beating Mosquitos

They are the spawn of Satan. At least, that’s how I feel about them…even if I’m not really a religious person. Mosquitoes are one of the bains of humanity, spreading more disease than any other organism and leaving us to itch until we bleed. Curse them! What can we do ti fight back? Well, take a look back at one of our creature features from a while back, a post we did to help educate folks this summer about the nature and biology of these little beats. Then take a look at the clothing produced by a company called Buzz Off. They make mosquito repellent apparel that they say keeps the bugs away “without lotion or spray”.

The company soaks their apparel in an effective repellent and then they treat so that it doesn’t reek of Deet or Off.They also say that it will hold its repellent nature through up to 25 washings, which isn’t too bad. Still, it seems like someone should invent a device that simply zaps them out of the air arond you…a little electrical force field that makes them sizzle when then get within a foot or so of your body. THAT would be cool.