Red Corner: Budapest vs. Prague

On Sunday when The New York Times printed an article titled, Budapest Is Stealing Some of Prague’s Spotlight, I just had to smile.

I’ve debated many times with fellow travelers over which is the better city, Prague or Budapest? One thing I’ve learned is that those who visit Budapest first tend to prefer the Hungarian capital over the Czech one. Those who visit Prague first, consider Budapest a lesser, and therefore inferior version of the Czech capital.

It’s been many years now since I visited Budapest, but the gist of the New York Times article is that Budapest has come a long ways in that time. Thanks to a strong flow of foreign investment, the city is no longer grungy and smelling of post-communism, but has “turned the corner” and is now all “cutting edge and credit cards and trendy restaurants.”

I’m not convinced that this in itself is enough to “steal Prague’s spotlight” but nonetheless, I am impressed. I’ll certainly detour there on my next trip to the Czech Republic and judge for myself.