Word for the Travel Wise (09/07/06)

Afghan FlagSince I can probably take a good guess at how many people will travel to Afghanistan or least think about going sometime during their life span and seeing that number isn’t high I’m going to point everyone to this small online Kabul Museum. In March of 2001 the Taliban destroyed all pre-Islamic statues and objects in Afghanistan. The Kabul online museum is in place to allow people to enjoy the museums contents before the destruction. Although there isn’t much inside the three galleries by virtually traveling there we can all say we’ve seen a small part of history aside from the news we get on CNN.

Today’s word is a Pashto word used in Afghanistan:

mujasemy – statues

Pashto is spoken by 40-50 million speakers in Afghanistan, western Pakistan and northern India. It became an official language of Afghanistan in 1936. Persian or Dari is also an official language. Good example sentences, historical information and links are all found at Wikipedia. Pashto.org has video, music, downloadable dictionaries, software and book lists. Yorku.ca has a long list of words to start along your Pashto learning path for at least a few weeks. Visit the BBCPashto page if you already have some understanding of the language under your belt.