Treat a Stingray Sting

From the good folks at Wikihow, we have an interesting little treat for those intrepid Gadlingers out there who fancy scuba diving (raise your hands…I know you’re out there. I’m certified). In the wake of Steve “Croc Guy” Irwin’s horrible death at the tail of a stingray, Wikihow helps us understand how we might deal with a stingray strike should we ever be unfortunate enough to have one of them lash out at you. Their advice. Well, it starts off pretty simple. “Relax” they say. But this makes sense.

They inform us that stingray stings are rarely fatal. They are caused by the sharp barb that is on the stingray’s tail and that transmits a protein-based venom which causes extreme pain. The more you scream and cry and dance around in a panicked state, the more likely that venom is to make its way around your body. So sit still and “oak the affected limb in the hottest water tolerable for at least an hour”. Then seek some help if you’re able. An interesting note: vinegar, urine, orange juice, ki-ora or any other liquid besides almost-scalding hot water will NOT be effective against stingray venom. So you can forgo having your friend take a p*s on your leg or affected appendage. See how helpful that is?!