I Eat Cannibals

Paul Raffaele SmithsonianSleeping with Cannibals was simply a headline I couldn’t resist reading.

The Smithsonian Magazine always has wonderful articles and this one is no exception.

Adventurer Paul Raffaele journeyed deep into Indonesian New Guinea in search of the Korowai tribe who are reputed to be some of this planet’s last remaining cannibals. In what is almost always a cliché regarding such adventures, he journeys further up river than anyone before, where the locals have never seen a white person before.

The article is a rather interesting read that delves into the challenges of traveling through such remote terrain as well as the mysticism which surrounds the Korowai’s decision to cannibalize or not cannibalize.

Poor Raffaele never had the chance to witness such a human feast, but he didn’t wind up on the menu either. He was presented with plenty of evidence which suggests that the practice continues, however, and even learned which human parts were most tasty (the brain).