Burning Man Photo Results, Sort Of

Last week we announced an impromptu photo contest asking for your best shots of Burning Man. Well, it looks like Gadling readers are simply too responsible to have attended such a bacchanalian festival because almost no one decided to participate (or, they weren’t inspired enough by the grand prize, which was nothing).

So, I’ve culled a few quotes from my buddy Mark who snuck up to the event and emailed those of us stuck at work about the wild things he saw in the desert. His favorite was the Tsunami structure (also known as The waffle).

“The most talked about artwork of the festival was also a large dance club in the middle of the playa. Constructed entirely out of 8 foot long 2x4s seemingly nailed together in a random fashion, it was entitled “Tsunami” and was large enough for several hundred people to dance inside…. Many of the more conservation-minded burners were appalled at the waste of virgin wood on the structure. One guy took a Sharpie and wrote “15,000 Trees” on every beam he could reach. Others acknowledged the waste but said it was for a good cause (raving)… it was rumored to have cost $200,000 to build… and on Sunday (after we left) it was to be burned to the ground.”

Don’t you just love Burning Man?