Leaving the Pump at Home

It’s always slightly embarrassing when airport security is rummaging through your underwear and other personal belongings, but for one Iraqi man traveling with his mother, things got far worse than just merely embarrassing.

Mardin Amin, was horrified when airport security reached into his baggage and pulled out his personal “male enhancement pump” right in front of his mom. When security asked what it was, an understandably dismayed Amin leaned over and whispered his answer. For some strange reason, the TSA guard heard the word bomb during the explanation and immediately arrested the 29 year-old.

Charged with a felony, poor Amin has endured global mockery over the last month as media outlets around the world jumped on the story and made a mountain out of a molehill–which was, coincidently, the same goal of his confiscated tool.

The good news, however, is that prosecutors finally saw the absurdity of Amin’s ordeal and have just decided to drop the inflated charges.