Cool Subways

I ride the New York subway nearly ever day and you know what? I’m not that impressed by it. In a artistic, aesthetically pleasing way, I mean. Sure, there are a few lovely stations around the city. The 79th Street A/C station is amazing. It sits right outside the Museum of Natural History and the interior of the station is decorated with tile mosaic art of various animals, fish and extinct lifeforms. It’s very cool. But take a look around the rest of the city and there’s only a handful where the city has really taken the time to do anything interesting (another cool station is 14th street where the artists Tom Otterness has installed several hundred little brass cartoony statuettes).

But this art-spartan attitude is not the case in other stations around the globe, as in evidence by this post over at coolhunter that shows off some of the more artistically-inspired subways around the world. I have to say in taking a look at these photos that I am most intrigued by Moscow, Munich and Stockholm, none of which I have visited personally…much to my dismay.