Red Corner: Balancing Out Borat

Having posted a fair amount about Kazakhstan’s most despised and erroneous ambassador, Borat, we here at Gadling realize it is important to maintain some editorial balance, and therefore feel obligated to direct you towards a more responsible representative which better portrays Kazakhstan and its fine people.

Actually, to be more precise, we’d like to ask that after catching Borat’s new film, Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, you seek out a small independent cinema and watch Nomad.

Nomad is an epic movie filmed with an international crew on the steppes of Kazakhstan. It tells the story of local tribes uniting to fight against foreign invaders in the 18th century and cost a reported $40 million to make–roughly Kazakhstan’s entire GDP. Oops, that was a bit of Borat popping out there. Sorry.

Go see it anyway and you’ll grow to better appreciate this sadly mocked country.