Word for the Travel Wise (09/18/06)

Ever wonder who the first person to sample certain foods was? Like who decided seaweed was okay to eat or which fish you could nosh on raw and which ones you couldn’t? Every time I find myself in front of a salad bar or sushi bar I ponder these things. Sure, sometimes I just dig right in without thinking about it, but really. There’s a lot of seaweed in the ocean. Japan-guide provides the skinny on three of the most commonly eaten seaweed and which dish you may find them.

Today’s word is a Japanese word used in Japan:

nori – thin, dried seaweed sheets

Spoken Japanese comes smoothly for those who either practice or submit themselves to hours of Japanese pop music, but either way one can learn this language in through several avenues. Japanese Online is a VERY good FREE site to start learning. They have audio and a great conversation lessons. The lessons get more in-depth as you become a registered user which is still free of charge. Takese.com has a list of over 2000 words worth checking out. Those on the road already may want to pick up the LP Japanese phrasebook or check into a school for a few weeks of learning. Study Abroad has a list of school located all over the country. If you’re seeking help with written Japanese best of luck to you!

Past Japanese words: hajimemashite, dewa mata, tomodachi, omocha, uchiwa