Paros: Greece’s Newest Party Island

The islands of Greece are a little bit like nightclubs; some quickly become hot spots while others fade to obscurity.

When I first traveled to Greece, Ios was the big party island. Then it became Mykonos. And now, according to an article in The New York Times, Paros has assumed the throne.

I spent a few days on this island ten years ago but it was a rather quiet place at the time. The beautiful beaches and quaint harbors and little villages were wonderful and very underrated, however, and it seemed only a matter of time before everyone else discovered the charm of this island.

Today, it’s busting its gut with restaurants and nightclubs and is so crammed with tourists in the summer months that it’s almost impossible to find accommodations.

Although this may sound slightly horrendous, it is not reason enough to avoid the island. Paros is 13 miles long and offers many secluded areas to which one can escape the tourist throngs.