New USA Today Travel

For those who care what the country’s great lowest common denominator newspaper is up to these days travel-wise, y’all might be interested to know that USA Today has redesigned its travel section with a range of “new or revamped features” that offer (not surprisingly) lots of new advertising opportunities.

Still, all is not lost from a reader’s perspective, as they have kept the handy City Guides section and are placing greater emphasis on consumer input, travel tools, and blogs. For example, you might check out the “Flight Center”, featuring a flight tracker, departure delays map, Wi-Fi locator, and information on fares and airline mileage programs. The key word there where I am interested is Wi-Fi locator. What it should say, of course is FREE Wi-fi locator, as many of us hate to be violated at the airport by $12.95 one time use fees like those at some airports.

I still think that USA Today looks like it was designed back in the HTML 2.0 days or by someone’s nephew, but hey, the travel section occasionally carries good stuff, so I suppose it’s the content that counts.