Supermodels and Airplanes

I hate when this happens.

I’m flying incognito and the airline I’m flying with tips off the press. I’m not aware of it and when I get off my 12 hour international flight all jetlagged and miserable I am immediately accosted by news crews and paparazzi. The airline gets some free publicity for such a bigwig as myself having flown with them, and in return, I get sleep-deprived photos plastered across the celebrity gossip magazines.

I’m sure this has happened to all of you out there so let’s spend a moment commiserating with poor Naomi Campbell who experienced this very same horror while flying Qantas.

The supermodel allegedly exploded shortly after arriving in Sydney and lambasted the airline for having revealed her itinerary. The Australian Daily Telegraph claims otherwise, however, as does Qantas. I’ll bet what angered her the most, however, is that the flight attendant in the above photo looks prettier than she does.

Whether the leak occurred or not, this kind of thing happens all the time. I usually have very little sympathy for the plight of celebrities, but let’s face it, nobody wants their photo taken after an international flight–especially those of us who make our living from our fantastic good looks!

Har har har!