Hunting the Dreaded Mosquito

It seems like a gazillion years ago that I posted a “creature Feature” about the bain of all mankind: the mosquito.I loathe these little beasts, and no matter what cascading cataclysm in the great Web of life we might experience should the mosquito be eradicated, I almost feel like it would be worth it to be rid of this viciously annoying little beast. But despite all our technological prowess, there appears to be no viable way of killing the mosquito. The most effective method ever used to kill it – DDT – was baned for killing birds and other wildlife…even though its use has seen a resurgence in places like Africa.

Well, I feel like I know a lot about the mosquito. I’ve read several books about it (shows you how obsessed I am) and always try and see what the new research is on mosquito eradication. Well, as you can tell from reading this fine piece in Outside Magazine, we are still far from ridding ourselves of the mosquito, but we do understand more than we did just a few years ago ,let alone over 100 years ago when malaria was thought to be caused by “bad air” rather than this blood-sucking insect. Written by Jennifer Kahn, my guess is that you will learn a lot more tan you already knew about the mosquito…as if that’s going to stop the itching.