Palin in China

One can never go wrong reading Michael Palin.

The former Monty Python member has jumped headfirst into the travel writing business and has produced some real gems over the years.

It was therefore with great pleasure that I came across an article he recently penned for The Times (UK) in which he accompanies a professional photographer on a trip to China.

China is a strange and bizarre place even without Palin’s wit and humor. Toss in some of the comedian’s pithy observations and an entertaining writing style and you’ve got a great read indeed.

I won’t ruin the article by giving away too much, but I will quote a fun little passage typical of Palin’s humorous style to whet your appetite.

Even the farms here look sinister, an impression confirmed when we try to visit one of them, only to be told that it had recently been closed because of an outbreak of “Disease Number Five”.