Surf Panama

Just a little while ago, we did a podcast with the travel guide writer Joshua Berman. Joshua told us all about his experiences living in Nicaragua and how he came to write the Moon Guide Book “Living Abroad in Nicaragua”, which just came out. One of the things we discussed was surfing down there, which has really taken off lately. That got me to thinking about other places in Central America where the surf is up and so I thought I’d do a little Googling to see what I could find.

Probably the best piece I found is this one in the Washington Post, that is all about surfing in Panama. There, just a short distance from the canal, you can ride tasty waves all day long and then settle yourself down in one of Panama City’s fine drinking establishments. Body boarder and would-be surfer John Briley headed down there to take surfing lessons, and his story not only discusses the destination as a fine new surf spot, but is also a soul searching tale of an old dog learning new tricks.