Vegas Pool Crashing

When I was a poor college student, we’d drive out to Las Vegas, gamble and play all night, and then fall asleep on a lounge chair poolside while the sun was rising.

Of course, it was never poolside at a hotel where we had a room. In fact, we rarely had a room. We’d just sneak into some hotel pool, snooze for a couple of hours (providing it wasn’t too hot) and then drive home. Total cost: gas money and whatever we lost at the tables.

We weren’t the only ones who crashed hotel pools. Doing so is actually quite common. When I was in college, however, it was rather easy; no one ever checked to see if you were a guest. It’s a lot more difficult now, but not impossible.

A short AP article by Kathleen Hennessey delves into the pool-crasher underbelly of Vegas and interviews a few of the regular and not-so-regular fence hoppers, wristband fakers, and other conmen (and women) who weasel their way into pools they shouldn’t be frolicking in.

Thankfully, the pools aren’t policed as tightly as the gambling tables so this is one crime that’s easy to get away with while visiting Sin City.