IRA Tours

It was only a matter of time.

Now that “The Troubles” are basically over in Northern Ireland, a local agency is offering tours of the infamous hot-spots where the Irish Republican Army squared off with the British.

Led by former political prisoners who fought for the freedom of Ireland, the Coiste Falls Road Walking Tours wind their way through Belfast neighborhoods and past the numerous wall murals, army posts, the “Peace Line barrier,” Sinn Fein’s office (the political arm of the IRA) and even visits the gravesites of those who fell during this struggle.

Too soon? Perhaps.

I wandered around these neighborhoods myself a few years back and discovered a very strange place where curbs are painted orange or green and heart-wrenching wall murals cry out in pain. It was truly fascinating and I sure wish at the time that I was with someone knowledgeable about the events to educate me a bit more. A political prisoner from the era would have been really worthwhile.