Red Corner: Trekking in Georgia

One of the more phenomenal locations I’ve trekked in the last few years is the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains are rugged and beautiful and populated with small villages and very hospital locals. And the food is wonderfully fresh and delicious.

I only had a small taste of this trekking nirvana two summers ago when I visited the village of Kazbegi near the Chechen border. The above photo is the famous Tsminda Sameba Church located in the hills above the village. One day I plan to return to this area and plot out a course deep into the mountain range that will take me from village to village. I’ll be sure to carry a trusty compass, however, so as not to wander into Chechnya.

In the meantime, I have to be content reading about other people trekking through the region–most of whom visit on organized tours and occasionally on horseback. Sure, that takes some of the fun out of the equation, but it also helps steer you clear of the dangers which can still haunt the region.

Oh, and if you plan on going any time soon, be sure to stay up on the news–Russia might be invading at any moment.