Just stumbled upon this site about a couple of guys who are going to try to make it to all 50 state capitals in under 50 days. The guys names are Scotty and Fiddy…and no, they do not host their own raunchy radio show in LA.

Their premise…or conceit is a better term, is rather simple. The team says they will not pay for ANY transportation during the trip (hence the “hitch” part). So if you want to lend them a hand, go to the site and offer them a ride. Oh, and, they say, they must get a photo in front of every state capitol building in 50 days or less. Photos will be posted at Flickr. Come on, be nice and give these guys a lift. They look like upstanding fellows…except that whoever told them that it would be cool to take a photo jumping off a bail of hay in the middle of the road…well, that’s just so MTV Country. Or something.

The guys are, it seems, rather young (in their early 20s), the age at which such notions are most likely to occur…usually following (or during) an evening of bong sucking. OK, just kidding. We salute them. In fact, we’re even a bit jealous. The guys are apparently in New York now and will launch this effort early this week. We’ll be checking back if it looks promising, but it’s hard to tell right now if it’s a lame gimmick or if these guys can deliver.