Sock Sewers into Tea Cup rides

I’ve long been telling friends that when it comes to countries around the world who will be most like us…in a good way, I mean, with freedom and fun and self-expression…it will be India. And you know a country is coming into its own when it starts building massive entertainment complexes like the one now under develoment in an old textile mill in India. Forget swords into ploughshares. Today it’s sock sewers into Tea Cup rides.

The ambitious entertainment complex is being developed on a site in central Bombay, and signifies in many ways how India is emerging from a third-world country dependednt on old factories into one that begins to cater to a more service-based economy. Granted, India still has a way to go, put this is an indicator in that direction. Once complete this complex – spread over 250,000 square feet – will offer amusement facilities, adventure sports like rock climbing and bungee jumping, a chain of restaurants, a discotheque and a superstore.