Fantastic Portrait Photos

I am tasked on Tuesdays with coming up with our photo of the day and I promise to do so later this afternoon. But in the meantime, I would like to direct you to a site that quite took my breath away with its amazing photo portraits. I could pull enough Photos of the Day shots from this site to last a month, but instead let me just point you to the site so you can click and scroll to your heart’s delight. While the site seems to have Cyrillic writing, suggesting Russian talent, it features the work of one Yuri Bonder who, it seems, lives in Tel Aviv, not Moscow. And since I can’t read Cyrillic, I can’t say for sure where the photos were all taken, but many of them appear to have been taken in Israel. Whatever the case, this is as fine an example of portrait photography with an international flair as I’ve seen in a while.