The Packa

Leave it to human ingenuity to come up with a product for something that you weren’t sure you needed. I know, backpackers out there will say “what a fine idea!”…or perhaps some will say, “how stupid” but either way, the Packa seems like one of those things you’d buy for someone who liked to hike, but who already has everything. The packa appears to be a plastic jacket not just for you, but for your pack as well. It slips over your entire self while you are wearing you massive hiking backpack. Never mind that you look like some freak of nature wearing the thing. It keeps you AND your pack dry. And perhaps the best part: according to the wonderfully designed packa site, it also serves as a pillow when it’s folded up. And if you dip it in molten lead and let it dry and cool, it also makes a superb weapon.