Travel Prep

Being a good traveler is a bit like being a Boy Scout. To have the best experience possible, you definitely need to Be Prepared. Of course part of the thrill of travel is not knowing what is going to happen next…but that is part of the misery of travel as well. Who knows where you’re going to get stuck and/or with whom?

As we have seen in the relatively recent future, a natural event like a tsunami or a hurricane can suddenly change your life. Well, let me direct you to a couple of places that can help. First of all, has a list of things to conhsider from vaccinations to passport issues. Probably the most informed source on this topic is Tim Leffel, who never fails to offer exhaustive advice on everything from money to getting around to, well, just name it.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times has a piece about how to prepare yourself for danger and misfortune overseas. It offers solid advice like, “hey, leave your name and whereabouts with others” and carry a cell phone. Travelers pre-tsunami might have disregarded this kind of advice, but today at least for a while, most people will probably know better.