All New JetBlue

I noticed this the other day, but for got to point it out. I need to throw out some props to my favorite airline – JetBlue – for getting a facelift. And contrary to the latex-like lifts many Hollywood has-beens get, this one actually gives the site some much-needed pep and color. There are even (gasp!) images of smiling, impossibly happy travelers whose flights have obviously not just been canceled. The site now also puts right upfront in bu beauty numbers the best deals they’ve got going. For example, as my fingers flit across the keyboard right now, one could book a flight from JFK to Ft. Lauderdale…now WHY anyone would do that is best left up to your Spring Break-addled imagination.

Another interesting, if uber-corporate-rah-rah feature is the “flight blog” or flbog by CEO David Neeleman, who waxes gleefully about all the wonderful new things his airline is doing, but offers little of titillating value. So, overall we give the new look a thumbs up and wish that other airlines (Unite3d ,hello?) would join them into the Web 2.0 world.