NY Times on Uruguay

It always brings me great pleasure to come across travel stories on Montevideo or the country of Uruguay as a whole. South America is a continent I have yet to set foot on, but I’ve always told myself that when I go, Uruguay would be the first stop. You could say I’ve always been attracted to the name mainly, but somewhere deep down inside I have this hunch that Montevideo has a lot to reveal. Reading this NY Times piece on the country certainly confirms many of my own preconceived notions, but a flight over would seal the deal.

In their piece they point potential visitors to the National History Museum to start. From the museum walk your way to the Palacio Taranco, a sprawling castle from 1910 with stone urns and Roman arches. Beyond all, the story goes to say that design geeks will be pleased to find that design is growing and growing. Wander the town and scope out the graffiti in Plaza Independencia or the odd building known as Palacio Salvo. I could tell you more, but if you’re as interested in visiting Uruguay as I am, you’ll probably want to do yourself the favor of reading it on your own. I didn’t even get to the half of it, plus NY Times also serves you the 411 on getting down there.