Snacking on the Road

On most USA road trip I’ve been on, I find myself hungry on the road and basically helpless when it comes to finding anything healthy to eat. The American roadside can sometimes seem to be one long strip of fast food joints, offering the kind of greasy, fatty fare that gives Americans a bad reputation as bovine hordes. I have to say that I am not totally down on fast food. In fact, living in New York, but having been brought up in California I sometimes dream (literally) of In N Out Burger. I wake up and my head is swirling with images of Double Doubles, regular and grilled onions. Or Taco Bell. Don’t even get me stated on Taco Bell. Yes, it is sad. I am a fast food fanatic.

But I know that the stuff is bad for me, and so I am on the lookout for alternatives while on the road. Looks like others are too. In a nicely written post, Martha over at our new sister blog That’s Fit has got some ideas for how to get by on the road without adding to your cholesterol count. She starts with the basics: Granola and yogurt, and then moves on to ways you can stay active on the road as well.

I for one recommend some wind sprints and push ups at every rest stop you pass, but that may be too extreme for some. And of course I write that as if I actually DO that, which is not always (or often) the case. But still, we are purveyors of information here, not always practitioners.