Red Corner: Czech Food the Worst?

For quite some time now the British have deservedly suffered under the Worst Food on the Planet moniker. For centuries, the Anglo palate has been mocked, maligned and otherwise dragged through culinary slander.

According to a critic from South Africa, however, another nation has finally dislodged Britain from the dregs of gastronomy: The Czech Republic.

Jeremy Maggs, writing for The Herald, has caused a stir in Prague for suggesting that it is the Czechs who win the award for the world’s worst, “stomach-churning” gruel. The Czech’s “horrendous diet of fat and dumplings” was aptly summed up by the following plate of food served to Maggs;

…four thickly hacked pieces of undercooked pink pork with shining yellow fat rinds which were placed on top of five burst veal sausages, their seeping innards the colour of mud and blood.

Naturally, the Czechs were a little disturbed for having worsted Britain and loudly rejected the claims. Dave Faries of the Prague Post, not only interviewed a handful of local chefs aghast over the accusations, but also offered up some mouth-watering restaurant recommendations to prove Maggs wrong.

In the meantime, there’s always the beer; no one ever argues about Czech beer.