Word for the Travel Wise (10/22/06)

Jazz – the music that really gets the gears in my head shifting and my mental motors running. Whenever I put on the music I feel as if I want to do great things, create great things and be great things. Sadly, I’ve never even made my way to a great jazz festival. The Umeå International Jazz Festival taking place in Sweden from October 25-29 looks pretty promising though and will feature artists from all over the world. Wish I could be there.

Today’s word is a Swedish word used in Sweden:

kändisar – famous people

Phrasebase has a decent sound library for several language translations. The downside is I couldn’t find the Swedish equivalent to the English words we already know in written form. I struck gold with this long list of words and phrases used in the country. It includes the good and the bad so be prepared. BBC has the usual mp3 download for the basics. One can find several Swedish radio stations listed here. As always there’s Lonely Planet and their handy pocket phrasebooks.

Past Swedish words: ett askfat, invandrare, bortrest