Paris Too Hardcore for the Japanese?

Oui… This news seems almost too hard to believe, but I’m not Japanese nor have I traveled to Paris, so I’ll need the help of some Gadling readers on this one. I’ve noticed several sites reporting news that the romantic French city of Paris leaves many Japanese tourists feeling beat up and have gone as far to say that they need psychological counseling upon their return. Huh? The New York Post states that Japan’s Embassy has sent four people back home this year, including two women who thought their hotel room was bugged. That sounds quite over the top if you ask me. Reuters reports that the Japanese flock to Paris with high expectations of this dream world, a dream city and later find that the French character is extremely opposite of their own. In Japanese shops customer is king and in the French shops they barely pay you a glance. All of these mixed city feelings are classified as Paris Syndrome. The source of these reports comes from the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

So tell me is there anyone out there aside from the Japanese who have had Paris Syndrome or any Japanese out there that can provide their two cents?

via WorldHum