Red Corner: Moscow Yachting

Perhaps the last place in the world one might expect a yachting trend would be Moscow. Sure, the city sits on a river, but it’s a river that one can literally sit on for 3-4 months of the winter when it is frozen solid. That’s not exactly great yachting conditions.

And yet, yachts have become the new plaything for Russia’s growing class of uber-rich. Sales are booming for all types of vessels. According to a Reuters article in the Moscow Times, salespeople can’t keep half-million dollar boats in their docks. And these are the low end boats. Those going for millions of dollars are selling like blinis as well.

I can’t imagine that Moscow will ever be the next Cannes or St. Tropez, but then again, “Luxury Yacht” and “Moscow” would never have been uttered in the same sentence ten years ago.