The “Buddy System” in Outside

If you didn’t catch this month’s issue of Outside and the whole “buddy spread” inside, it’s worth a read. The stories are short, but sweet, and feature a few of our favorite dudes from adventure, sports and music.

I mean, who could NOT want to hang out on the beach with Eddie Vedder and Kelly Slater. Or suck back a beer with Sebastian Junger and Scott Anderson. Of course, they’d have to do all the talking because folks like us, well, we’ve got stories, but they ain’t nothing compared to the tales that guys like this can tell.

Along these lines…Anderson, the author of a wonderful book entitled The Man Who Tried to Save the World, was more recently involved in trying to catch Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic for a $5 million reward. The effort failed, but they’re making a movie about it with Richard Gere. Or so said today’s paper.