Patagonia Hotels

“Stylish” hotels in Patagonia?

I never thought I’d see an article about hip, stylish hotels popping up in this remote and isolated corner of the world. And yet, here we have Nathan Lump of Travel & Leisure writing about the newest places to crash in this mountain sanctuary that do not involve a tent.

I’ve never been, but I’ve always imagined this wondrous place a sanctuary from the modern world where “stylish hotels” simply do not exist. According to Lump, however, the modern world has been making inroads since 1993 when the luxurious Explora Lodge (above photo) opened up in Torres del Paine National Park. Since then, other hotels have opened to cater to affluent travelers more interested in comfort than roughing it in Patagonia. Lagrange explores four of the newest, and most “stylish” of these, including Eolo (El Calafate, Argentina), Los Cerros (El Chaltén, Argentina), Remota and Altiplánico Sur (both in Puerto Natales, Chile).

I have to admit, I was a bit impressed with the write-ups but will have to defer to someone who has actually been to see if the hotels are ruining Patagonia. Lump himself understands the potential impact and writes that “it is possible to envision a time when tour buses roaring across four-lane highways and disgorging tourists at sprawling megaresorts will banish the incredible sense of peace here.”

For the moment, one can still enjoy this “sense of peace” but better act quickly before such resorts suck the air of Patagonia.