How to Sneak into Hotel Pools

Back in college my friends and I used to visit the luxury hotels in town and sneak in to use their pools. It was usually pretty easy. We’d have our swimsuits on under our jeans and just waltz in through the lobby like we were staying there. Then it was a matter of finding the pool and diving in. We were only caught once, at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. We were intercepted by alert security wondering why four college students were wandering around the hallways.

Now of course, we here at Gadling would never promote such illegal and nefarious activities as mentioned above, but we would like to point you in the direction of someone else who is glad to do so.

One of our favorite sites, Infiltration, has a whole section on sneaking into hotel pools in the Toronto area. The site offers some general tips such as, “when you enter a hotel, don’t immediately hop on the elevator and head directly to the pool. If anyone happens to be monitoring the lobby and the pool area, they’re bound to wonder why you didn’t stop at your room first. Always take an indirect route.”

The infiltrators who did the intel work for the article break down their findings by individual hotel. They mention the location of the pools, guest access, camera locations, security detail, and a handful of very helpful tips to avoid the old heave-ho reception we received at the Bonaventure. In fact, when a pool infiltration is performed flawlessly you may even be blessed with the kind of greeting received by one of the pool trespassers; “a helpful staff member was even so kind as to offer me a plastic Four Seasons bag in which to carry my wet bathing suit (a wonderful credibility prop to use on my next visit).”

Mission accomplished!