Get Paid to Travel to Iran

I’ve mentioned in these very pages how much I’d like to travel to Iran. Several friends of mine and folks I know have been there and have said that it is a lovely, friendly country, steeped in history and culture. That the “axis of evil” moniker and the current issues that make the news are political matters, and do not reflect the attitude or hospitality of the people. Well, now it seems one could test that theory…ad get paid to do it.

Or at least your travel agent will get paid. Yes, the Iranian government wants to attract Western tourists, especially Americans, to Iran and those that are able to lure them can get a $20 per head reward (as it were). Same with European tourists….$20. Other countries, well, those are worth $10, said an Iranian official. Al I can say is: sign me up. I’d go to Ira in a heartbeat. And I’d eve meet the fella in this picture. Sure, he seems a bit kooky, but it might be fun to share a hookah with the guy, see what makes him tick.