On Stebastopol

I was in California about two months ago for a wedding that happened to be up near Santa Barbara and passed through the little town of Sebastapol. I’d never been there before ,but was immediately struck by its charm and the distinct No Cal outdoorsy, crunchy vibe. I made a note to myself that someday I’d come back and spent a few days there. Located right on the Russian River, the town is a hot spot for hiking ,paddling and, of course, wine making/drinking.

And then just a moment ago, I came across this series of great towns in Outside Magazine and was pleased to see the town mentioned as one of the great towns to live in. While I won’t be leaving New York City any time soon, I have to say there is real appeal in places like this. The whole series here, though is worth checking out. It could provide some fine ideas for those who are tired of city life.