Loi Krathong in Thailand

Years ago I lived for a little bit in Bangkok and it just so happened I was lucky enough to be there during a November. Why lucky? Because one of the country’s great holidays takes place this month, a holiday that I got to experience first hand and that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The event is called Loi Krathong and this year it takes place on November 5. Loi Krathong is an fascinating festival of lights, and takes place throughout Thailand, but particularly in Bangkok. The tradition is to set hundreds of thousands of flower-shaped finely-decorated, candles on the klongs or canals throughout the city. The candles are placed on banana leaves, making them little boats called krathongs. And in the meantime, everyone and their mother sister and aunt sings a catchy little song about the krathong that rises over the cit and makes the whole event magical. So if you are heading to Thailand, definitely find yourself a great spot to watch this great little event.