New Kennedy Museum in Berlin

Every once in a while a particular town or location is so overwhelmingly wooed by a visiting politician that residents forever embrace the visit and adopt this “foreigner” as one of their own.

This has become the case with John F. Kennedy. Although many American presidents have visited Berlin over its turbulent history, only Kennedy has earned a special place in the hearts of Berliners. So special, in fact, that this Saturday an entire museum, The Kennedys, will be opened in the German capital dedicated entirely to the late president and his wife Jackie.

Berlin still relishes in that 1963 appearance Kennedy made to the divided city when he cried out to the massive crowd who came to hear him speak at the Wall, ”Ich bin ein Berliner” — I am a Berliner!

In honor of this great man, the new museum, according to their website, is “one of the world’s most comprehensive compilations of photographic work, official documents, private documents, and memorabilia of the Kennedy family.”

Located in Pariser Platz near the old Berlin Wall, the museum also contains personal items such as JFK’s Hermès suitcase.

Take a moment to pop in and check out the adulation which still exists over this man and his presidency. Then, walk around the corner and pay a visit to the heavily guarded, military-like fortifications of the nearby US embassy.

We’ve come a long way, baby!