Procreation Vacations

Worldhum is always adroit at spotting the next big trends in travel…or at least spotting someone who spots them. Thus they bring our attention this morning to a trend called the “Procreation Vacation” a catchy way of saying that people go abroad to conceive babies. Not that people aren’t “doing it” while abroad for a week here and there, but that they take their trip with the explicit purpose of creating, let’s say, a Zanzibar Zygote, a Finlandian fetus, a Guatemala gestation, during their holiday travels. The travel theme has another name, babymooning, that we posted about once a while back, but it deserves renewed attention with the recent birth of America’s 300,000,000 citizen.

And, yes, we realize it’s not THAT new of a trend. Just googling the term brings up all manner of articles on the subject. But we post this in part as a public service for those parents who want to expoes their children early…very early…to the allure and joys of travel.