Cinematical Reviews A Good Year

I am a devoted, passionate fan of Ridley Scott’s films. Sorry to say, but like many guys, I have watched Gladiator, oh, probably 10-15 times. I can’t say why exactly I so love this film, other than the fact that there is something about it that is very stirring to my genetic heritage with it’s scenes of vigorous carnage and dudes battling it out with spears, clubs and all manner of killing instruments.

There is also a heart-lifting underdog theme in the film that just makes me all giddy. But that aside, it seems as though my favorite director has got a new film out based on, of all things, a Peter Mayle novel. Sounds squishy, doesn’t it? Well, according to this fine review of the new film, called A Good Year, over at Cinematical, it is squishy. The film is about some hard-driving stock-broker who has to choose between the vigorous city life of London and a mega-bucks career and the possibility of living the easy life (and running a vineyard) in Provence (Mayle’s familiar territory).

Definitely NOT your typical Ridley Scott fare. As Cinematical puts in “A Good Year seems a little too delicate a soufflé for Scott, who seems to be more of a meat-and-potatoes director.” OK, fine. But does that mean you shouldn’t see it? Well, the film does star Russell Crowe, so even if its a big soft around the mid-section, it probably still worth it.