Help for the Solo Traveler

Thinking of going it alone?

If you’re fed up with tour groups, can’t find a friend to travel with, or simply want to venture out all by your lonesome, take a moment to pop on over to The Guardian for some pretty cool suggestions.

The editors have put together an impressive panel of “solo travel” experts to help and guide those who are considering venturing out on their own.

The panel addresses the desires and budgets of four readers who have been categorized as “The First Timer” interested in a trip to South America, the “Active Traveler” seeking a challenge, the “Free Spirit” who hates group travel, and the “adventure seeker” looking to meet women.

Each expert tackled the readers’ challenges with some very unique suggestions. One of the more interesting ones by Emma Sciesinska of Companions2Travel was a trip with Madventurer, an organization that specializes in 5-week long “community development projects and adventures worldwide.”

Sounds cool to me. Hey, if you’re gong to travel by yourself, the best way to meet others is through helping them.