Hostel II: More Bad PR For Slovakia

Movies, for the most part, are free publicity for the tourist board of any country featured on the big screen: People see the movie and want to visit the country.

But what happens when the plot of the movie involves backpackers who are kidnapped for the sport of torture, dismemberment and murder? This was the idea behind last summer’s horror flick, Hostel.

The unlucky country in which the story takes place is Slovakia. Obviously the depiction of tourists being brutally murdered for fun and profit in quaint little Slovakia didn’t sit well with local residents (even though the movie was filmed in neighboring Czech Republic).

Director Eli Roth received his share of hate mail over his slanderous depiction of a Slovakia far more screwed up than it actually is, populated by lunatic sadists, throngs of gypsy children, and bleak surroundings.

So, what is he doing now? Filming Hostel II, of course.

According to the Prague Post, Roth is back in the Czech Republic filming the sequel. I guess that means Slovakia can look forward to more negative press and another summer of college backpackers giving the country a very wide berth on the way through Europe.