Great Site for Train Travelers

Train travel is my favorite form of locomotion.

Unfortunately, the online resources available to someone planning a rail journey are nowhere near as thorough and easy to use as that which is available to plane travelers.

Indeed, I have yet to find that all inclusive site which provides me with rail travel information from around the world. Instead, I have to search out some local rail site, often in another language.

Thankfully, The Man in Seat 61 is here to help out. is a very thorough site put together by a rail enthusiast that provides a bevy of information about train travel around the world. Simply click on the country you’re interested in, and a slew of information pops up about how to get there, various train schedules, typical fares, how to buy tickets, photographs of the trains, ferry connections, and more.

Most of the information is geared towards rail travel originating in London, except for those countries where this is impossible (such as Cuba). Nonetheless, the site is well worth a visit next time you are thinking of traveling by train. It’s still not the Expedia of rail travel, but we’ll get there one day.