Berlin’s Tasty Fast Food

It wasn’t until the most recent of my many trips to Berlin that I finally found decent street food to fill my stomach while touring around Germany’s capital. For many years, it was bad burgers and even worst wurst.

Today, however, Berlin has exploded with tasty street stands and fast food outlets that reflect the diverse cultures which coexist in the city.

I indulged mostly in the Turkish döner kebabs and occasionally in currywurst, the local specialty, but there are a host of other culinary opportunities as well. According to the New York Times, many of these street stalls and fast food joints have actually gone upscale, dishing out fast food as tasty as that which you might find in a regular sit down restaurant. And, most importantly, it’s cheap.

For example, one of the joints highlighted in the article, W Imbiss, serves a nan-bread pizza topped with pesto for only 4 euros. Sounds pretty good to me.

Take a moment and check out the New York Times article if you’re heading to Berlin any time soon. And if you forget any of the paper’s recommendations, just follow your nose; mine served me well the last time I was in Berlin.