Word for the Travel Wise (11/16/06)

Don’t know how long ago this happened, but it looks as if the Bangla Bazar found on Virtual Bangladesh has teamed up with Amazon to help interested patrons with a desire to hear music from the country purchase it right from their site. This news might be centuries old to some folks out there, but seeing how I don’t frequent Virtual Bangladesh too often it is all new news to me. Anyhow, picking up a CD or two might help in learning the language. This method has assisted me many times in the past in learning a handful of new words. If you’re really interested in knowing what all the lyrics mean right away, you’ll need someone to translate them for you. In that event let them know you’d like their help and toss out this word.

Today’s word is a Bangla (Bengali) word used in Bangladesh:

ohnubad – translate

Web resources for Bangla are few, but you can pick up quite a few words reading (not skimming) through the Wiki and from this Bangalinet site which has a small tutorial on how to write in the script. Beyond those two I’m sure there are others, but as I mentioned above it was like pulling teeth to get this word. With that being said class is dismissed.

Past Bangla words: bhromon, shobbho, nir dohsh