Stink 0, Airlines 1

A German man removed from a British Airways flight for being too stinky has lost his lawsuit against the airline.

The malodorous passenger sued for costs incurred as the result of missing his connecting flight. The $2,819 settlement he was seeking included the cost of one night in a hotel and the wages lost as a result of he and his wife missing an extra day of work.

A court in Düsseldorf, however, sided with the airline and their very clear policy of refusing transport to those who “have an offensive odor not caused by a disability or illness.”

The stinky German’s excuse of having to carry three suitcases in 84 degree heat was not considered a disability by the court and the case was tossed out. Interestingly enough, the man never showed up in court, making me wonder if he was concerned that the judge would have taken a whiff and tossed out the case before even hearing any arguments.