Word for the Travel Wise (11/19/06)

Hmm… I’m not sure how you can squeeze this word into some conversation, but if the opportunity should present itself, use it! Use it over and over again, until they go from impressed to annoyed. That way no one can say you never made an effort to speak the local lang!

Today’s word is a Danish word used in Denmark:

tillykke – congratulations

Danish is part of the North Germanic language family, also known as a Scandinavian language. Speak Danish dot com has a ten day intensive online course that provides you with lesson one for free and the rest at a charge of $75 USD. Learn Danish is a good source for all the facts regarding the language, but points us back to the Speak Danish which gets a bit dizzy if you’re looking for an alternative site to visit. For learning abroad in classroom settings click here.

Past Danish words: svimmel