Celebrity Leftovers, um, Museum

Our obsession with the wiles, guiles and, well, every damn move, of celebrities is one of the things I least like about American culture. A friend of mine who vigorously celebrates capitalism and its no-holds-barred, free market approach to everything, recently asked me why I hated celebrity culture so much. Because, I said, their contribution is incommensurate with the compensation. Of course, you could say that about a million different occupations, but celebrities are just some of the worst offenders.

Why the morning rant? Dunno, I just feel a bit off this morning. It’s Monday. And I was also reading this article over at the BBC about a little restaurant that is making a name for itself by building a museum of celebrity leftovers. That is, they have preserved the various bits and crumbs of meals that celebrities who vested did NOT eat (yes, I know you know what a leftover is…sorry for being patronizing). I know nary a name among the list here, since most of them are British celebs who haven’t much broken out of Britain. AND, I actually think these restaurant owners and rather clever, so don’t take my ire above and assume I’m angry at them.

So take a look at yet another level of goofiness reached by humankind.

(via Jaunted)