Paddling Life

Here’s one I’m going to keep your eyes out for.

It looks like a new paddling magazine is on the horizon…or perhaps even on the stands. A company called Recreation Publishing Inc. announced the launch of Paddling Life, a new rag dedicated to one of my favorite sports (I was paddling this weeked, in fact). There are articles in the dead tree version dedicated to the “Best Expeditions of 2006” etc. Typical list stuff, but we’re hopeful.

I went over and checked out the site and it looks OK, with a few articles online including an interview with paddler Todd Gillman and lots of links to other bit of content like YouTube vids and newspaper pieces related to travel. I’m not blown away so far, so we’ll have to see how it plays itself out. The magazine will be published five times a year under the conceit of “celebrating the paddling lifestyle.” I like the idea and my fingers are crossed that they do a good job, but they’re gong to have to get more stuff online for sure.